About Us

About The Dragons

  • Charlotte Dragons Basketball LLC is youth basketball organization designed to promote high quality and competitive youth basketball. The program includes boys in grades 4th – 11th who reside in and around the Charlotte, NC area.  Each team is committed to participating in several competitive tournaments in the Charlotte area, surrounding cities and various other regional/national tournaments.
  • In the gym, our coaches teach sound basketball fundamentals, discipline, promote good sportsmanship and work to develop a bond of brotherly friendship among all our players. Outside the gym, we are focused on mentoring, leadership development and community service for our players and participants.

Our Goals

  • Our goals:
    • Develop fundamentally sound basketball players
    • Teach, model and promote good sportsmanship
    • Enhance individual contribution to the team’s success
    • Promote a friendly and brotherly spirit among all players and all parents

Our Values

  • Our values:
    • Put the goals of you team first
    • Show respect for your parent, coaches and opponents
    • Toughness is giving 100% positive energy on a consistent basis
    • All players, coaches and parents are held accountable

What WE Look For

  • What we look for:
    • Players with a solid fundamental basketball background
    • Players who are not afraid to put in hard work
    • Players that can take feedback and are open to being coached
    • Players that play smart and can make the correct basketball IQ play

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